Our Platform

Please keep in mind that our committee is still working on several aspects of our platform. 

An education system that instills values like respect, strength, and patriotism into the hearts of our children. An education system that is more rewarding for our teachers and school staff members.

Preserve, Protect, and Enforce our constitution and honor it as the supreme law of the land.

Give the control of America's banks back to the American people and destroy the influence the banks have on our government.

Restore a stable American culture and allow the appropriate time for assimilation.

Conduct extreme vetting all persons entering this country to ensure national security is prioritized. 

Establish a healthcare system that values the health of American citizens over a profit. There is no excuse as to why we aren't able to care for our own people.

Revolutionize our infrastructure by replacing it with one that has good architecture, easy social interaction, and easier methods of travel from once place to another.  

Revise government relations that make it difficult to pursue architectural, structural, and economic advances. This would also allow businesses to flourish.

Eliminate the disgusting waste of funds that limit our capabilities and focus them towards real military assets. Modernize our forces to give us more advantages on the modern-day battlefield. 

America first. Prioritize our country thus allowing us to cultivate it into a more prosperous nation.

Our Declaration of Energy Independence

Reducing deficit and spending.