Jeff Huddleston

6th District, Oklahoma State House

Ever since the beginning of mankind; humans have survived collectively in tribes, kingdoms, empires, and nations. Human life would never have reached the level of advancement that it is at today had people not taken pride in the efforts of their collected group. The same logic applies to the United States. We need to show this country that Nationalism is not a bad thing. It is good to take pride in this country and wave it's colors without shame. The Nationalist Party wishes to crush divide in our country, restore a spirit of national pride, and advance our lives to the greatest proportions ever recorded in our history. 

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Who are we?

We are the American people. Our goal is to mold this country into a unified, proud, and prosperous nation. To many, this seems like a far fetched and unrealistic idea. Many might call us utopians or dreamers, but our ambition is the difference between a brighter or darker future. 


 Nationalism has nothing to do with racism; that's a false attribution used by the mainstream media, left wing, and right wing extremists. They are trying to ensure that a Nationalist movement does not occur within the United States because Nationalism would undo all of their hard fought efforts to divide the country and rid it of it's sovereignty. All Americans are welcome to join the Nationalist Party regardless of religion, sexual identity, race, religion, or any differences that haven't been named.