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Under our Constitution, foreign policy can only serve the lawful best interests of the United States Government and its citizens. The Constitution empowers and limits the federal government; therefore all treaties, alliances and agreements must be subordinate to the Constitution.

The U.S. Nationalist Party pledges its total allegiance to the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. The U.S. Nationalist Party believes that interpreting the Constitution must be based on the Framers' precise words and the meaning intended at that time. The U.S. Nationalist Party totally rejects the concept that the Constitution is a "living document," in which the meaning can be interpreted and altered as society changes. This concept is not only seductive, but totally against the intentions of its Framers. If the citizens of this nation wish to revise or change a portion of the Constitution there is a provision provided by the Framers called the Constitutional Amendment. It is very interesting that the citizens of this nation have found it necessary to amend the Constitution only twenty-seven times since adoption of the Constitution in 1788.

Any alliance, treaty or agreement that commits this nation to participate in foreign conflicts subverts our Constitution and the independence of this nation, and is therefore illegal. The Constitution of the United States delegates the authority and responsibility for the common defense and the general welfare of the United States to the Congress - not the President. Only Congress-not the President, the UN, NATO or any other organization-can commit United States armed forces into any armed conflict or war with a declaration of war. All security alliances must be reviewed by the U.S. Congress to determine if they still serve the best interests of this nation and its people. The Constitution does not empower the Federal Government to police the world or protect other nations. The Constitution does not allow our nation's armed forces ever to be under foreign command, which has become common practice under present UN and NATO deployment. The Constitution requires that the President of the United States shall be the Commander in Chief of our nation's armed forces. It does not provide any means for the President to delegate this authority to any domestic or foreign person or organization, as has happened with NATO and the UN forces of late. Both the UN and the NATO treaty claim authority to direct our nation's armed forces into a war [armed conflict] without the Constitutional requirement of Congress declaring war. Since NATO no longer serves a defensive purpose for the United States, it is therefore time that we withdraw from NATO and permit Europe the task of defending itself.

The United States must withdraw from the United Nations immediately and require the UN headquarters to relocate out of the United States. Our participation as a member nation in this organization was never constitutional and now places our nation's sovereignty in extreme peril. The United States must promptly withdraw from all international monetary and financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, WTO, NAFTA, GATT, etc. These institutions violate the meaning and intent of our Constitution.

Some of these organizations also claim the unconstitutional power to levy tax on the United States Government and the American citizens. The U.S. Federal Government does not have any Constitutional authority to tax the American people or use any U.S. funds for the specific purpose of providing aid of any kind to foreign governments. Therefore, the United States Congress will terminate immediately all programs of foreign aid, whether military or non-military, to any foreign government, or to any international organization, including the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, and other similar institutions.

The U.S. Nationalist Party is totally opposed and unequivocally rejects the World Court because it violates and claims authority to overrule the United States Constitution. The World Court is just another nice-sounding world organization on the surface, which proclaims to do good and honorable things, but has the sinister and evil power to end the sovereignty of all nations. The U.S. Nationalist Party is totally against a New World Order or any one-world government, not simply because it is unconstitutional and would end this nation's sovereignty, but because it will end up enslaving all people except the elite.


Regulation of trade using tariffs and treaties, to promote the general welfare of the United States, is a fundamental Constitutional mandate. Eliminating trade deficits and protecting domestic production are paramount.

The U.S. Nationalist Party advocates a Trade Policy that:

  1. Operates within the boundaries of the U.S. Constitution;

  2. Restores Congressional authority to regulate commerce;

  3. Safeguards American labor, health, safety and environmental standards from cheap imports;

  4. Eliminates trade deficits;

  5. Protects U.S. jobs and industry in order to ensure the blessings of liberty to all Americans and their posterity.

A vital national trade policy shall require:

  1. A strict "Buy American" policy that patronizes American made goods;

  2. A rigid ban on imported products of child, prison, or slave labor;

  3. U.S. ability to manufacture and stockpile all products vital to maintaining U.S. strategic military strength and national security;

  4. The ability to feed our own people;

  5. All food sold in the United States must be clearly labeled with the country of origin.

The America First Party will support candidates for federal office that support the following positions:

  1. All international trade agreements are in fact treaties and as such must be passed by a 2/3 super-majority in the U.S. Senate

  2. "Fast Track" trade negotiating authority shall not be abdicated to the Executive Branch

  3. A complete U.S. withdrawal from the following institutions: World Trade Organization (WTO), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank

  4. Revocation of Most Favored Nation trade status from any nation that restricts the basic human rights of workers

  5. Required revenue tariffs on all foreign made goods sold in the United States to achieve balanced trade, and replace federal income taxes.

The above positions demonstrate that the economic process currently labeled as "free trade" actually represents a "race to the bottom." By adhering to the above positions, the United States will guarantee its ability to be self-sufficient through bilateral trade and negotiation with other nations.