"Our Declaration of Energy Independence"

Energy Policy and Sources of Renewable Energy:

Our nation's national security and economic stability are dependent upon reliable access to affordable, dependable, and efficient energy resources. Any responsible national energy policy must therefore ensure the energy independence of the United States.


These are the goals of the Energy Policy of the U.S. Nationalist Party.

Over the decades, our leaders have failed us. They have attempted to manipulate markets they cannot and do not understand. They have bowed to the political pressures of both industry lobbyists and environmental extremist groups. Moreover, in implementing these policies, they have overstepped their legitimate constitutional authority.

The result of their policies is disastrous for our nation and its people. We are more dependent on hostile nations to meet our energy needs than at any other time in our history. Prices have been allowed to artificially fluctuate under the influence of foreign powers, resulting in the destruction of much of the domestic energy production industry and the good jobs provided.

The U.S. Nationalist Party holds that our nation must adopt an Energy Policy that is Constitutional and focused on solving our near term energy resource problems, while promoting long term solutions that advance the above stated goals.

We support a transition of our nation's energy consumption from the currently used petroleum, and other fossil fuels, to alternative and renewable sources of energy.

However, we recognize that many of the most promising technologies are still in the development stages and many years from being cost-effective and reliable sources of energy. Thus, we recommend the following steps be taken to restore energy independence while these new sources of energy are developed into marketable technologies:

  1. Eliminating the regulations which artificially impede or prohibit the production of oil from mapped, capped, off-shore, and marginal oil wells located in the lower 48 states and Alaska.

  2. Uncapping the existing wells in the National Petroleum Reserve including Gull Island, which would allow us to produce another 1.5 million barrels per day of environmentally friendly low-sulfur oil.

  3. Ensuring that all new oil production uses the more efficient and environmentally secure extraction technologies available.

  4. Impose a $20 per barrel oil price support provision to protect our industry from OPEC's predatory pricing practices.

  5. Encourage the use of clean coal, safe nuclear, wind, biomass incineration, and other existing electricity generation technologies so as to allow petroleum and natural gas supplies to be more readily available for consumer usage at reasonable prices.

  6. Promote the construction of new coal gasification, bio-diesel, and oil refinery capacity within the United States and increase tariffs on imported refined petroleum products.

Implementation of these steps will allow our nation to become energy independent during the coming years as our nation's scientific community and industries develop the important technologies needed to power our coming oil-free future.