Our youth

The youth only make up a small percentage of our population in America, however, they make up 100 percent of our future. Speaking in the most serious manner, we must make our children and adolescents a major priority. Our future literally depends on it. This education reform is directed to shape our youth into the most successful, strong, and capable citizens. We should be raising the champions of this world; not degenerates. Degeneracy should NOT be tolerated any longer.

What are the problems?

The commonly seen problems displayed by or youth are prevalent, if we don't fix them, our country and it's people will only grow weaker. These are a few of the behaviors and issues that we need to tackle:

-Lack of respect for this country.

-Lack of respect for authority.

-Limited knowledge of our history and government.

-Attitude of self-entitlement.

-The false idea that everyone is a winner.

-Physical strength isn't valued.

-Low self confidence and self esteem.

-Boys grow up with little respect for women. They aren't gentlemen.

-Low mental strength. This effects focus and drive.

These are only a few. Most of the problems like these can be fixed with our education reform.

The educators

The second most important thing to the student is the teacher. These men and women are left with the heavy responsibility of educating the future of our country. It is only logical that they be treated as such, as of now, they aren't. Their pay is far too low, they don't see much reward or respect from the community, and they deal with ungrateful students. This obviously varies depending on the location; but this unfortunately is the common situation across our country.

What is the Nationalist Party's solution?

Higher pay for our educators-

It is clear that many teachers across the United States are not paid enough for the duties they are charged with. This serves as an injustice not only to the teacher, but especially our students. How can we demand that our children get a quality education if those who are tasked with the job aren't paid enough for the position they hold? It is unacceptable to expect so much out of our teachers when they are given so little in return. According to the National Education Association, between the years of 2016 ad 2017, the average starting teacher salary in America was $38,617. This is unacceptable, therefore, the United States Nationalist Party proposes the following course of action:

-Work towards an average teacher starting salary of $55,000. This is something that we plan to push for on the state level. 

Transform teaching into an honorable service rather than just a "job" -

When you hear the phrase "honorable service", you think of our military members, police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics. But, what about our Teachers? Aren't they responsible for educating the future of our country? It there is no doubt that teaching is a public service, this shouldn't even be disputed. Our teachers and communities need to be held to a higher standard regarding this issue. Our teachers should be respected and revered by our students and society. How can we establish these traits in this profession?

-Again, higher salary.

-Like any other public servant and those of authority; teachers should wear a uniform. Decorations of academic achievements should illuminate their chest as a visual display of a teacher's service to our children.

-Teachers should receive raises based on these academic achievements.

-Students should be taught the appropriate customs and courtesies when interacting with a teacher.

How will we fund the education reform?

-According to Federal Safety Net, $364 billion dollars in 2016 and $354 billion dollars in 2017 was spent on welfare programs in the U.S. If we increase welfare regulations and reduce spending towards it; those funds could be spent on solid education reform. 

-As stated by, illegal immigration costs taxpayers as much as $300 billion dollars annually. If we can improve border security and prevent the intrusion of illegal immigrants at a better rate, we can reduce this number and shift those funds towards education.

-Terminating useless government programs would save billions of dollars that could be used for better education.

Instilling unity, pride, respect, and discipline into our student body.