Our Vision

I.  To restore national pride.

~ In the words of our Chairman- "A body without a mind is nothing but a corpse, a fire without a flame is nothing but ashes, and a nation without pride is nothing but a dying people." Being proud of who we are, what we've accomplished, and what we plan to do is essential in terms of the societal health of a nation. Restoring the pride that brings our collective efforts to life is this organization's top priority. It is our promise to incite acts of patriotism across the nation in order to bolster a spirit of national pride within the hearts of our communities.

II. To improve ourselves. 

~The first step to making positive change is positively changing yourself. We believe that the collective strength of the nation starts with the strength of the individual citizen. If we wish to improve our country we must start by sharpening our mind, strengthening our bodies, and nurturing the health of our spirit. It's a simple concept; stronger citizens make a stronger nation. 

III. To volunteer.

~There are many who will espouse their gratefulness for living in a country where the values of life, liberty, and happiness are seemingly inherited. What these people fail to realize is that these values aren't simply inherited. Life, liberty, and happiness is earned through the fruits of our hard work and ambition. Giving back to the Nation and to the other people who reside here is all part of showing our gratitude for the prosperity that we have been so lucky to experience. It also cannot be stressed enough that in order for our children to reap these same benefits; we must work diligently to ensure these values are preserved for the future generations of Americans. Therefor, this Initiative will ensure that volunteer service to our community, state, and nation is a main priority.

I.  To act as a platform of unity for patriotic men and women.

~The U.S. Nationalist Initiative is an organization comprised of patriotic men and women who wish to make a difference within their country and local communities.

II. To promote and defend the principles on which our nation was founded. 

~It is all too common for us to lose sight of the principles that made our country the leader of the "free world". Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness are words that have forged our nation's society into a bastion of justice and opportunity. These are words that broke the chains of slavery, freed us from oppression, and inspired innovations and advancements that left the world in awe. When it comes to Americans; we should never let our thinking become jaded by bigotry, hatred, or arrogance. In order to work as one united and civil body of citizens; we must show compassion and respect towards all other Americans regardless of our differences. We must honor the sanctity of life, defend the individual liberties granted to us by our God, and continue the pursuit of happiness which we gain through achieving our dreams.

III. To defend our identity.

~Our identity is everything. A nation without an identity is like a body without a soul. As Americans; we should be actively fighting to preserve our culture, values, sovereignty, and  history. All of these things are what define who we are and they under attack by leftists and globalists who wish to strip us of our identity. It is much easier to force the Marxist, communist, globalist, and socialist narrative on a country that has been robbed of its identity. Defending our identity is absolutely paramount to our survival as a republic because a people without an identity have no motive to stand against oppression. As a country; we cannot stand united if there is no common ground to be united on.